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Barry, thank you.

My confusion is coming from the failure of the glow plug relay to engage as well, and that the last the battery was completely drained when I got back to the car after it sat for a day before the failure to start.

I think I am diagnosing something more than the starter, but this should be ruled out as an issue separately.

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Okay as I mentioned you will always have 12 volts at the main starter terminal if the cable from the positive battery post to the starter is good. Your next test is from the negative battery post to the engine block. I just take a booster cable from the negative terminal to a good engine block connection. That is a substitute ground to test if the original one is bad.

Once that is established and attempting to activate the starter by bridging the solenoid terminal to the battery cable at the starter. . Does not work. The starter is bad.

It really is not that hard. Do not overthink it. Other than making certain the battery is charged. Plus the battery cable connection at the starter is good.

Post number 4 pretty well covers the basics.

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