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260E did not start in BAD thunderstorm!

Visiting my inlaws I parked the car on the street on Saturday night. It was an extremely stormy night with lots of rain and very strong wind. In the morning I tried to start the car and it would just crank but not start. It was getting to the point where my battery started getting weak so I plugged it to another car and kept cranking. Eventually it would give me a sign of life and after 10 minutes it started (strugling) but every time I would let it drop to idle it would stall and very difficult to start again. Next start I just kept it at 2000rpm for about 10 minutes and then went for a 15 min ride (still raining bad) and everything was fine (no more stalling). What got wet? Could anyone explain this strange occurence? The car now starts and drives perfect with no hesitation whatsoever.

Thanks, Igor.
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