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That didn't take long, I located the fuseboxes, there are four of them. You were correct, the fuse was blown. Well, more than blown, it suffered serious meltdown, even melted the cover a little bit.

In checking the fuseboxes, I noticed that the two closest to the fender had red (25amp?) fuses, when I got to the third it had a red and a white fuse. The white fuse was the problem. Replaced with two new red fuses, and the system is working great.

This leads to a couple new questions. The box closest to the fender held 2 red, the next box only has one red, but 2 fuse holders, is it supposed to have 2 fuses? Should all the fuses be the red fuses, or should they be of different amps? And last, the fourth box, the cover is held in place by a knob, only has one white fuse. What does this fuse power, if you have any idea, and should it be white or should it also be red?

Once again, thanks for the valueable assistance provided by this website!

Mike Tangas
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