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Question 1987 190E Climate Control ?

1987 190E 2.3 79,000 miles. Recently had some work done on this car and when talking to the mechanic he said I should leave the A/C switch engaged all the time and leave the desired temperature and the CCS would take care of the rest. Usually unless its really hot I don't use A/C. I like to have the windows and moonroof open. SO it seems pointless to me to have the A/C? Engaged. he maintains the cars were meant to operate in such a way? What should I do? Leave it on all the time? I am also having problems with the Aux fans not engaging and have been reading tons about it on this board...Am I correct that they shoyuld still engage if the A/C is off, if the Engine reaches the preoper Temp.?, ugh I just wish they would engage, thanks...
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