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Ok, I have posted enough times about this question, you guys are probably sick of hearing this. But I ran into a problem where I can't get the calipers ($145/each loaded, and rotors were $69 each) for the 95 E420 w/o spending more money now because the company (Auto Specialty) doesn't cary loaded calipers anymore (which include the pad and the sensor) and its cheaper for me to get the parts for a 94 E500.

So the question here is:
Will the 94 E500 require any aditional hardware besides tha calipers($95/each loaded), rotors($100/pair), and pads(came with calpiers) (and which sensor should I use, the original 190E sensor, or the one form the MB I m upgrade the brakes to) or do I have to worry about the Master Cylinder or anything. I also have the 16x7 SLK rims, so I think I am clear on that part. Any help appreciated, Thanks guys.

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