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Larry, The KN is the last thing I would put in an off road truck. I have a 99 Ford diesel and spend time at At one time there was a big discussion about KN filters. Somebody provided a link that showed private testing of KN vs. paper vs. other cleanable filters. The KN did poorly. To achieve increased airflow the KN sacrifices filtration. Your engine eats more dirt. When the KN gets dirtier it filters better, by the time it filters as well as a paper filter its airflow is actually lower than the paper filter. I know a lot of people use them and swear by them but after seeing the test results I would not run one in an off road vehicle. I certainly wouldn't clean it all of the time either. In a street car not exposed to all the dust it would probably be OK, and you will get increased airflow, just don't say somebody didn't warn you.

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