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A) to hkoh, no it's not a stupid question, but the "added" sound you hear is coming from your intake, not your exhaust.

B) to skioff, "cold air" intakes is really kind of a misnomer. A cold air intake will only work if it "straitens out" the air on it's way to the manifold (i.e. removes bumps or twists the factory put in) or is able to move a larger volume of air due to a larger diameter, etc. I think, by implying the air charge will be "colder" is misleading. By the way, "cold air intakes" generaly make more noise also.

C) to everyone, I guess I'm also in the minority here also. I believe in K&N filters and use them in all my vehicles, although, I have to admit, I didn't feel a BIG difference when I instaled the one in my Merc, I feel they really help when you get into higher horsepower applications.

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