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thanks for O2 sensor advise !!

I have apparently successfully changed out my 89 300E's O2 sensor for a Bosch #13953 which was obtained locally for 41.99 + tax. This unit is a Bosch made for a 90' "302" Ford Mustang. Seems to function fine after I soldered on a salvage yard connector, from a wrecked Ford, which cost me an additional $5.00 . You could of course just cut off the Ford end connector (of the new part) and solder on the connectors (2) from your old MB O2 sensor. Making this additional adapter wire (with Ford on one end and MB on the other) will allow me future O2 sensor replacements with no soldering needed, and I could go back to a "branded" MB part if I wanted to.

THANKS, to all posters on this board and others who like to share their MB knowledge.

I'm hoping for improved mileage----Time will tell, my old city only was 19-20, Highway 20-21. That was not too bad I guess but I had driven the car 3 years and 65000 miles (now at 194,250) so figured it was due for a replacement although the light was not on and had no problems yet.


P.S. For any who had noticed my posts earlier about the serpt. belt tensioner adjustment (the idea that an old tensioner with a new belt should not be tightened the full "sweep" of the pointer)
(do a search on my Handle, DanielW or belt tensioner)
---- My tensioner is STILL doing great and no belt slipping problems after about 8 months and 20000 miles.
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