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Lightbulb Yet more de-lamination stuff

I own a w126, 1983 380 SEL which is also suffering from de-lamination. I was told by the person who sold it to me what it was, but not how serious it was. I spoke to my MB specialist, and they said that it has to be replaced, because it will eventually separate to the point where it not only becomes hazardously opaque, but could shatter at some point in its life.

Why did I buy the car you might ask? Because it was a steal at $3888, @ 196k miles and had been owned by people with MD and PhD following their names... It is absolutely immaculent, save for some paint chips (somebody probably got too close to a dump truck).

I hope you find a low-cost replacement. Does anyone know if you can find OEM replacements that say "Made in West Germany?" That would be cool.

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