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starting difficulty

I have a '92 300te 4matic which has two problems

1.It is slow to start when cold.
It will take mutliple tries (it does turn over strong-new battery) before starting and then it will be very weak with rough idle. If i step on he gas it dies but if i leave it alone,it will slowly idle more normally with time- but 30seconds.
I have changed the cold start valve and a cracked distributor cap.
When it is warm i dont have this problem although the idling then is still a bit rough/unsteady.
beyond this the car drives normally, round town and highway.

2.The other problem is a grinding/shaking sensation when the brakes are applied firmly/quickly at highway speeds. This sensation I think is coming from the right front end.
Have install new brake pads/rotor but the problem persist.

Any ideas? please help
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