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Transmission Filter Change?


I'm considering changing the Transmission filter and fluid on my 110,000 mile 320CE, as I don't know when it was last changed, maybe never.

I'm completely in favour of over-frequent oil changes, but I'm not sure about the filter.

You have to take the pan off to change the filter. I understand that the smallest particle of grit in the wrong place in these transmissions could cause big problems. With the pan off, this must be a big risk, particularly when working outside.

I am thinking that it may be safer to change the oil with a Topsider or similar suction pump, drain the torque converter (low risk of contamination) and leave the filter alone.

Anyone got an opinion on this?

What would happen if the filter got really clogged? How would I know? Would this be worse than getting bits of grit into the oil?

Questions, questions............
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