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If you know these guys and have been good to them - take it out of their labor. I think a total re-spray is a bit much to ask but they've made a major mistake here.

I've been known to fight for free labor when repairs have been botched or delayed due to oversight or negligence. Just recently my tech needed my car an additional, very busy day (though they had it for FOUR full days while on business trip), because "they forgot" to order a new, requested thermostat. Worse yet, they didn't have the balls to call me ahead of time to tell me it wouldn't be ready and I went to pick it up.

Well, they expected me to roll over and take it. NOT.

I ended up not paying labor on the repairs. All I had to do was show them how their admitted mistake COST ME, in real dollar terms, and explain to them that they can take or leave my future business but they've got to be accountable to me, the customer, if they want it.

All ended well. I think the techs here will agree with me. Or they'll flame me then lock me out...
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