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Originally posted by mbtjc
Point taken. However....

Plastic drain pan (which also works as receptacle and transportation vessel)=between 5 and 10 bucks.

Topsider=50 bucks.

More of a cost/benefit comparison for me. I think by me spending $50 on a Topsider vs. a cheap plastic drain pan, the point of diminishing return will have been greatly surpassed.

As far as the excess fluids...if you don't put too much in it in the first place, you won't have any excess will ya?

The economic argument is irrefutable. Absolutely right-- the Topsider does cost more. Also, if you have an enclosed drain pan, then, yes, that also negates the "convenience of transporting" argument, too.

On the other fluids question, there are at least 2 common scenarios when you want to drain off excess fluid, but not due to overfilling:

1. Removing some brake fluid from its reservoir before you push the piston into the caliper when replacing brake pads;

2. Removing PS fluid from reservoir so you can get to the filter at the bottom, and also create much less of a mess when you disconnect PS hoses.
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