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Unhappy 93 190E hard to start

Yesterday I replaced the thermastat cover and thermastat. I also drained and replaced water and antifreeze. The problem is When I finished filling with water and tried to start the took about 15 to 20 seconds to start and when it did start it idled very slowly for a few seconds and then it seemed ok. I thought maybe I got water on something i shouldn'd have so I let it run for a while. After shutting it off I tried to start again right away and it started right away like normal. This morning it took 20 or 30 seconds of cranking to start. Again after running for a while I shut it off and started right away and it starts right up. So bottom line ..when first starting it or after it sits for a few minutes not running it takes 20 seconds of cranking to start but if you turn it off and start it right away starts right up. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance! You guys always come through!
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