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1959 220S convertible. I have the wiring diagram for the 220SE convertible, which I believe is the correct one as my car originally was wired for hydrak. No. 1 fuse (8-amp) is the problem. This fuse handles two interior lights, the on/off switch on the driver door jamb for one of them, the clock, and the clearance lights (small bulb) on the front fenders. The book says this fuse is always live (presumably because of the clock), getting its power from/through the light switch. I removed all bulbs, but the shorting continues. I noted that the two fog lights receive no power through the live side and they too are connected to the light switch (via separate fuses that do not blow). I am strongly suspecting the light switch itself as at least part of the problem. Any help appreciated. Are these switches still available? Thanks.
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