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Hey all,

My 87 300 SDL has some tough steering. I work in the computer field and generally have sore arms and wrists all the time, for various reasons. I've done a lot to help them, but I find that a big part of my problem is the steering on the SDL.

I've talked with my dealer about it and they said it probably was the ball joints. I looked through the records for the car and they were replaced about 2 years ago and they think the joints should be ok. I replaced the power steering pump myself, and it didn't help.

I also have a 87 560 SEL which I've been paying the big fuel cost to drive lately. The steering in that car is much softer then the SDL and it acceptable to my arms and wrists. I asked the dealer if there was something different, other then how the power steering also pumps for the suspension, and they said it was about the same. They couldn't come up with anything else.

I'm sadly currently looking to sell the car if I can't get this steering lightened up. Is there anything else that I can check and/or replace to help? I really like the car and would rather fix it then sell it--but I can't sacrifice my personal health to keep the car (and don't make me think twice about it either! )

I think someone suggested it might need new tie rods. I have not checked into this yet.

Thanks for any info.
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