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I stopped to look at a 1978 300D at a local car lot. It has been on his lot for a couple of months now and the battery was dead. The sales man tried to jump it with one of those portable battery, but it didn't have enough power. The sales man said that the battery will be charged when I go back on Monday.
My questions. I see that the glow plugs are wired differently then the glowplugs on my 83-300D. The 78 seems to be wired with a common wire, but not in series. Is that correct? If so, how can I test the plugs without unwireing them? What ohm reading is correct if they all are working?
Are there any weak points in this car that I should lookout for? Something's that I noticed: #1 there is water in the trunk on the passengers side, in the well. #2 There is rust around the drivers side_front jack peg. #3 The cable from the cruise control to the linkage is held on by DUCKTAPE, "the handyman's secret weapon".#4 there is some minor rust around the wheelwells.
The inside is very nice,MBTex. The salesman told me that it was on special for only $3995US. I told him that was a lot more then I would give and that I thought that it was probably worth know more then $1000. and that I wouldn't waste his time test driving the car. The salesman talked to his boss and the price dropped to $1500. and the salesman said that it was still negotiable. How much do you all think that it is worth?

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