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Keep up the good work!!

Hi Steve,
I don't respond to many of the threads, because my knowledge base isn't Mercedes oriented, but I do read almost all of them, as I am keen to learn what I can from the great fount of information that is posted here. People like you are the ones that make sure the "fount" is presenting actual facts and not opinions, and I for one do appreciate knowing that I can rely on your information. I know that you have had to deal with several sticky comments from uninformed people on the forum, and I think you have handled them in a most gracious manner, mostly. I also read the GMC motorhome forum, and believe me, if you want opinions and smoke, just read that one for awhile!! I still read it, though, because occasionally there will be a gem of information to be gleaned.
I spent the whole day fooling around with my daughter's ford taurus, (no caps, it doesn't deserve them) replacing the AC compressor - what a job! The "new" compressor I got from the U-Pull-It parts emporium didn't fit, the pulley had the grooves positioned differently, so I had to take the pulley off and make two more belt grooves so that it would line up, even though the database at the U-Pull-It said it would fit. The pulley bearings in the old compressor were bad, heated up the pulley to almost red-hot and cooked the serpentine belt!
Keep up the good work!!
Richard Wooldridge
'82 300D/4.3L V6
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