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Sure Ken, sounds good. I have slated June 9th and 10th for the Blower Motor project in my garage at home. I figure I'd burn a couple of vacation days and do it on a week day in case I need any unforseen parts.
Right now, all I have is a text only step by step process I copied from a previous post on this subject. I have the new motor shipping to me the first week of June.
Murray Motors (our local Mercedes dealership) will only quote me an estimate of between 8 and 15 man hours of labor at $75 per hour.
I look at it like this, even if it takes me 2 full days, I am making (saving) over $500 a day!
But that 15 man hour labor estimate from supposed "professionals" is pretty scary for a "handy with the tools" but still a novice guy like me. That's why I am trying to get every piece of info I can, and I sure appreciate all the help and advice I can get! Thanks in advance everybody!

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