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Re: Help! Rear Brakes Locked Up

I find your post confusing because:

[QUOTE]Originally posted by zebra100
[B]I got a '86 420SEL. The rear brakes locked up 3 times. All after a while driving, and when applied brake then resume driving, the gas pedal felt heavy and it could only move at most 20 mph. then braked to full stop, found the rotors coal-red hot,
and the car wouldn't move at all. But after about 30-60 minute, everything normal again. Brought to mechanic, he said he founf a metal stuck in parking cable, and i drove home.

An 86 420SEl has a drum/shoe parking brake, this would not heat up the rotor to red hot, so what did the mechanic do? My guess, nadda

Two days later, it stuck again. Went to another experienced mechanic, he drove two days, found nothing. I drove back, and the next driving only took 10 minuted to happen again. I saw someone here with same problem, but anwered with a opinions, parking cable and master cylinder, and sort of believing it's master cylinder, but should I buy one or rebuild one? Any idea welcome as well as procedure.

Symptoms indicate a locked up caliper(s). I suggest replace calipers/rotors/pads, since you have fried them, the pads and rotors.
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