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Hey all,
I just got back from the dealership where I was fortunate enough to get a 30 minute test drive in the new c-class.
I drove the c240 (the c320 was out).
Whoever thinks that car isn't worth the 30k price tag hasn't been in it yet, or driven it.
If you still think its not worth it after a test drive, you are smokin' crack.
Line up now boys, cause its gonna take three months to get em.
Trust me, putting the 1k down now to get yours will be worth it. I don't know if everyone elses local dealer will even have them yet, but if you live in Dallas, head down to Park Place and ask for Jeff.
Man I am still jazzed about the experience!!!
[The test car only had 27 miles on the odo.]

85 16v
87 16v
94 C280

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