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Hi there.

it's actually quite easy to pull the cluster out if you know how. It's basically a friction fit into the binnacle. If it's your 190, then you should be able to pull it out relatively easily:

Basically place your hands on the flat part of the cluster right above the idiot lights. Do this on the right side of the cluster and while applying downwards force, try and pull it back towards you. If it's never been done before, this could take a bit of doing. And you may have to switch back and forth from the right side to the left side several times.

Eventually you'll see the cluster start to come out a little. Yo uwill need something to slip under the side of the cluster to keep it from sliding back in.

You'll have to pull it out from one side. And you may have to go under the hood and realease the clamp that holds the spedo cable to the tranny. This will give you a little more slack. Don't get too aggressive with the speedo cable because if you kink it, it's not good.

There will be a whole bunch of electrical connections you will need to undo in order to remove the cluster entirely. Disconnect them and of course, make note of what went where.

You will also have to reach behind the cluster and undo the speedo cable. It's held to the speedo by a knurled nut. You can't miss it. However, getting your arm in there is pretty tough because it's VERY tight in there and the speedo cable is probably on pretty tight. Just have patience.

Now...there's been a little bit of conflicting info regarding the oil pressure gauge. Apprently in some cars, it's a hard, wet line meaning it's hard tubing that carries oil to the gauge. I personally find this hard to believe because typically German designs would not allow engine fluids into the passenger compartment. It's just a bad way to do things...especially since there are simpler and more efficient ways to do this. On my 16V the oil pressure gauge is electrical.

Now that you've hopefully managed to remove the cluster without destroying anything, you will need to undo about 8 or 10 screws on the backside of the cluster. This allows you to remove the gauges. There are 3 seperate gauges. Be careful that you don't damage the gauges as you remove them.

I can't remember if you actually need to remove the gauge in order to access the bulb for the turn signal. I think you do.

In any case, you should be able to figure the rest out from this point on.


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