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Check Engine Light re-visited

Hello everyone:
I know the check engine light has been visited many times, but I have some specific details and questions:

A) I have a 99ML320 w/60K miles
B) I had a low fuel condition with low fuel warning light
C) I stopped to get a car wash
D) I started the car and the check engine light came on.
E) I checked gas cap and it's tight
F) I filled up with my regular 93 octane to get rid of low fuel light
G) I restarted car and check engine light is still on.

So I have some questions:

A) Can I expect the light to go off after a few restart cycles or after driving a few hundred miles. (That's what I did on the C230 - the light just went away after a 200 mile trip)

B) Should I try disconnecting battery and reconnecting after a while? If so, how should I reset steering angle sensor when battery is reconnected?

Thanks for any insight/experiences...

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