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OK, here's the scoop. Took me a bit a detective work to find this out. BTW, anyone who needs a carfax just email me the VIN and I'll run it for you (

Car was wrecked when it was 15 months old. Passenger fender (which hit the hood) and door. Not too bad, but the people were out of town (visiting San Antonio from Louisiana), so they dumped it. Bought by a Polish mechanic here in SA. He was going to fix it up for his sister, but never had the money (hood, fender, door and good paint are not cheap!). He kept it in the corner of his shop (one man shop) for 6 years! He kept it running, fluids up, etc. while he worked on it in his spare time (the reason I know all of this is because a Circuit Court judge friend of mine also with a 190SL had this guy repairing his 190SL during that time period - said the guy was in love with the car but just couldn't finish it). Then he bolted back to Poland with a bunch of his sister's money. She was "stuck" with the car. I had my mechanic go over the car with me, he finished up the work (paint, trim re-assembly, etc.), and I bought it from her. It even has Euro headlights on it. For a fraction of what her brother bought it for back in '94! It cleaned up (dusty from sitting) like new - but I want to change all the fluids so I know exactly what I've got in it.

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