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Sequence of repairs for 300E?

I did not get the head off the 300E Sunday. In making sure I was prepared, I looked at one of the new head bolts and realized the 12-point hex socket required was not the type in my toolbox. After a couple hours' searching, I found that Snap-On calls them 12mm triple square sockets. At least the extra time allowed me to finish cleaning out the garage.

Here is where I can use some suggestions. I now intend to pull the head next weekend, take to the machine shop Monday, and reinstall the following weekend. I also will replace the serpentine belt tensioner and shock, the water pump, all hoses (radiator and heater), thermostat, as well as flush the green stuff out of the cooling system.
I have 3 1/2 days this coming weekend and 2 1/2 the next.

Is there a particular sequence that will make the entire process easier or flow better?
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