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Alex Kouliy
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The situation in Canada is no different. MBCanada has just announced the new C class prices (MSRP in CAD); AFAIK, the "Classic" version is not available in the USA.
model / 6-speed Manual /Automatic
C240 Classic $37,450 / $38,950
C240 Elegance $42,850 / $44,350
C240 Sport $47,350 / $48,850
C320 n/a / $49,950
C320 Sport n/a / $54,450

Exchange rate is approx. 1 USD = 1.50 CAD. There's a 7% Goods and Services Tax where I live.

Larry, are there taxes on top of the MSRP you've quoted. If yes, how much would that be in TX?


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