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I agree that the price on new C class cars seems, at a minimum, excessive. The cars come packed with electronic "features" that also add to the future expense, so I will probably buy a used E400/420E. I was under the impression, however, that the MB/Chrysler merger put MB in control, and that it was a number of Chrysler execs that were sent packing, while MB Germany appointed a number of key execs. Also, MB site lists Chrysler as one of it's divisions.

Regarding the DM going the other way, a lot of economists are saying that it is very likely within the next 2 years, given the growth of the US balance of trade deficit and the shakiness of the Japanese economy. One Nobel prize winning economists has anticipated a 45% devaluation of the dollar relative to the Euro and Yen! (Still, anyone ever meet a rich economist? ) One wonders if the Germans have inflated the price now to cash in in advance, while having an opportunity to look like the good guys if the don't raise prices when/if the dollar weakens. Still, the C seems pretty expensive when compared to a '95 E420!

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