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Throttle Microswitch changed.....and now...

Thanks Neilg, sbourg, azhari

Neil G - I checked around today up and down through the engine hoses seem to be okay and all in tact. no problems in that department. Fuel pump? any way of feeling that or knowing?

Sbourg, Azhari - I just popped for the new $20 dollar part because I did some checking and found that my microswitch wasn't always making the right connection weird! That seemed to have helped some. Thanks!

Still seems as though i am receiving a little bit of lagg from the car, seems like something just not talking. Any other switch or function which i should check? Throttle linkage setup seems fine, going back to default when i left off accelerator and making good contact with the throttle microswitch.

I just wish I had the one amazing cruising experience return back to me, just drove so smooth and had so much power, it was there for 5 minutes or soo..until traffic caught up. Now it's gone, never again have I had that. Fuel Filter/Wires/plugs (copper) changed.

Anything else I should checkout?

thanks again!

190e 2.6 1990 - 179,529 mi, auto 4 speed trans
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