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Originally Posted by Mark123 View Post
Maybe I am missing something, but vwnate1 is talking about front shocks on his 240D. The bump stop image is for a 560. When I look at front Bilsteins for the 240 on Pelican, the dust boot and bump stop are included. If the bump stop is crushed as in one of the images, the whole shock may be worn out.
The "Comfort" shocks supposedly come with the bump stop as well as the dust cover, however the "HD" shocks do not. The 123, 126, 107, and 124 cars all use the same bump stop up front. When installing the HD's, you have to reuse the dust cover from the old shock and purchase the bump stop separately.

The bump stop is extremely important. It's all that really limits lower suspension travel. Without it, it's very possible to whack the oil pan on the pavement, even with new shocks if the speed and gradient change is right.
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