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99 S320 Transmission noise

Heres what I have. Customer came in and stated that the car cut off on him and would not restart. Had the car towed to my shop. Tried to start the car which started very easily. Noticed after the car was started a rattle coming from the transmission. Raised the car on the lift and noticed that it was coming from within the transmission. Checked the fluid and found that it was dark brown and smelled burnt. Checked the mileage on the car and it read 109265. I figured that the transmission fluid was never changed since the customer had the car. Since this customer was not a regular I could not advise him of the rule about changing the synthetic transmission fluid every 50 to 60K max. My question is has anyone heard of the electronic transmissions causing the car to not restart? I checked the computer to see if I had any codes related to it. Here they are!!

ME Fuel Computer


Transmission Computer

CAN DATA: Communication fault in clus

KI Instrument Cluster

B1040 CAN communication transmission to engine ECU fault
B1041 CAN communication transmission to traction system fault
B1042 CAN communication transmission BAS fault
B1755 Serial interface K2 from A/C control module

I think the plug at the front of the transmission is full of fluid causing those coded of the circuit board inside the transmission has fried itself.

Any help is greatly appreciated
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