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Shoot Jim, I didn't know you were in San Diego. I would have just driven it down there and used your tools!! Just kidding. I have read some of your other posts and it sounds like you've got a full-on shop going at your house.

There were broken oil tubes on both sides, but since I didn't do the work I don't know which ones specifically. One interesting thing, though. Right before I brought it in the tapping noise went from a slow 1/4 second tempo to a double-time tapping. This obviously was yet another lifter running dry probably from the opposite side. As I said before, the tech said he found SEVEN blown caps and I'm pretty sure there were some from both sides.

One question, is it necessary to pull the oil pan to retrieve the pieces from these oil tubes, or do they sit in the valve cover where they can be easily retrieved? I'm a little concerned that now I have plastic pieces floating around in my oil system.
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