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I am back

Hi all. I am back from from 5 weeks of trips and vacation. Had sometime to think and tried some stuff out. I have discovered the sears ammeter does not close the eha circuit with the testing cable on in ma mode. Hence my screwy numbers. So with the duty cycle at between 45 and 55 the eha is reading (with the old trusty analog ammeter) is +2-4ma. So I believe the eha is doing the job. Now my problem is why do I have the stall from stop when the eha is connected to the system and only a small stumble when disconnected. I understand that the circuit is open when the EHA is disconnected. But why would it stall with it connected what is happening in the system to cause that?
When I accelerate from stop the eha reading drops to close to zero. When I release the accelerator it goes to almost 7ma then comes back to the 2 range, at a steady 40 it is almost zero. On an Acceleration that results in a stall the eha goes down at first as in a normal acceleration but, as the engine starts to stall the reading increases up to @7ma I guess trying to enrichen the engine.

Key on engine off showed a -75ma

Any pointers would be appreciated.
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