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Sorry guys but I will not remove the pistons. I just don't think the way I cleaned the pistons will cause all what was described. Even the wheel I used was not new from the box. it was more than half way worn out. If you all see the pictures, one of them (Piston #1) was clean and the other 5 still need cleaning. Well, it was cleaned by hand using a worn out non abraisive scotch brite on a sponge from my kitchen sink. I did that with all of them and then used the air drill to polish the top and I was careful. For the past 80K miles (since I bought it ) and the oil consumption problem was there. I have kept the oil level right because I checked it almost everyday. If I do have a problem with my bottom end, then I will overhaul the whole bottom end and not just put rings or sell the car. I just don't have time to do all that work decribed. It sounds easy, but it's time consuming and I don't have all that time not to mention my 1 car garage that I can't even move in it.
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