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Angry Grrr! :(

My 1990 300E has been overheating and had some odd voltage issues of late. I just spent $1000CDN yesterday replacing the belt, auto belt tensioner and viscous fan clutch and did a coolant flush, which were all recommended by my tech. 20 min later my car was overheating again and today my voltage went wonky again: my ABS light came on, my stereo flickered so I shut off the AC to reduce the draw, which helped. I replaced my altenator in October and it checks out...WHAT can I do? I am going back on monday to have them fix it, hopefuly free of charge. They cannot take out the new parts they claimed were the culprit can they? I need some firepower to come at them with, so please help

I have a stereo, subs and 3 amps, would a Capacitor help my voltage issues or should I upgrade altenators like RUN and others are doing/have done?
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