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The clutch on our 1985 Euro 190E 2.3-16 squeals when the clutch pedal is depressed 3/8" and the rpms drop as the pedal is depressed further, but then the rpms come back up to normal idle.

My son and I used the car last week at Tri-O-Rama and as some of the men said, my son "had way too much fun". The car got well exercised in the autocross and the driving events at Summit Point Raceway.

Mileage is 134,000. I have four factory manuals for this model but apparently I don't have the clutch/transmission book. I've adjusted and replaced clutches on several of my other cars, but I know nothing about the clutch on the 2.3-16. Is there an adjustment or what do I need to do? Slave cylinder replacement, pressure plate?

After replacing the clutch on my mother's 5 series BMW I said I'd never replace a clutch again myself. I had to disconnect the shifter, remove the exhaust system, disconnect the drive shaft, bench press the transmission, use 30" extensions to reach several of the bolts, bleed the hydraulic lines and this in my unheated garage in December.
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