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I purchased it from Tom Coile at TAE/Under Car Parts in Newport News, VA.757 595-7000

list I paid
pressure plate 156 99.75
clutch disc 300 198.33 (Sachs)
release bearing 60 34.58
pilot bearing 16 10.64
freight 14.00
tax 15.45
total 372.75

Two fingers on my pressure plate had broken. Tuesday morning on my way to work I completely lost my clutch but the 16V is back on the road this evening. An upside to the clutch replacement is that in the process of removing all the underbody cladding I was able to de-gravel my car. Monday week I spun out (in the rain) on turn ten at Summit Point Raceway and unable to bring the car under control I let it slide into the gravel pit.
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