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It is in your mailbox
Study it and then email me with any questions and I will point it out to you on the schematic
Notice there are 2 relays.. the left one [ in schematic] is labeled "K-10".. that is the low fan, a/c resistor circuit.
Notice that the power goes THROUGH the resistor to get to fan...
The right one is K-9... that is the high fan.. notice no resistor, just direct connection to fans...and then fans go to Ground to complete the circuit.. simple power circuit..

See the little coils in each relay ?? [ pins 4 and 5 ] that is the sensor circuit/pull-in coil .
See the load side switch in relays ?? [ pins 1 and 3] .. that is the contacts for the fan motor...those are closed when the coil pulls them shut..
SOOOO, if you hear relayy click in, you don't have a coil side /sensor have a LOAD side POWER problem...

Note that W on schematic is ground [ your neg side of circuit]
to complete the circuit power
Now, get to work...
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