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I'm busting a gut to tell about my new C240. I hate to put it in the Tech help, but I don't know where else to put it.

It finally came in. I went to the dealer this morning where I bought it. I specified the tech to do my predelivery inspection. He is a 26 year friend of mine. I was with him while he did the PDI. It was fun. He and I have crawled around under every new, or new to me car I ever bought. This time, we didn't have to crawl, he simply raised it on his lift. He did the test drive, I was the passenger. We went to Starbucks and he bought me a cup. What a deal, the maiden voyage and a free cup of coffee.

The pinstripe has been added which made a big difference. The car came in clean except for a rough road code that was set, assumably because of the truck ride, or coming off the truck. Everything checked out well and neither of us could find a trace of damage of any sort. I guess there were just too many qued at the port, to get it shipped very quickly.

The car is Bordeaux Red with an Oyster interior. It has a lot of ridiculous gadget options that I would not have added, had I ordered the car. But it's great to get it now, while I'm in dire need of wheels. This morning was the last day to drive my Vette, and it set a code. The POS is putting up one last act of defiance.

It was the first W203 car that my friend had driven, and he was as excited about it as I am.

I will be leaving for Nashville one week from this Sunday. I'll report on how it does on the road. Maybe I won't have to call roadside assistance with this one. I'm going under the assumption that I've already experienced my MB lemon with my '96 E Class and that this one will be "golden".

I take delivery tomorrow, wish me luck,

Larry Bible
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