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Originally Posted by ClassicDieselTech View Post
I have the 3.07 rear gears, a NA om606 with a 6mm pump, timing advanced probably more than it should be, full 3.5 inch exhuast turbo back and a very low restriction intake setup. Car makes 2-3 psi on highway traveling 75-85mph. I get around 34mpg driving fairly aggressively. Your mileage may vary. I am looking into a 6l80e or 4l80e swap in the very near future. I hate the 722.6 transmission. converter never locks up etc.
your TC doesnt lock and you dont get an error for it?

the TC does a very pronounced 2 stage lockup when driving normally, infact on my E320 it locked up pretty nicely at 40 mph (not full lock though) and then the full and final lockup occured at 80 mph.

in between the lockup would vary depending on if I was passing some car or the car saw an incline etc. - I would suggest you check the SRS unit for the G sensor being active and actually zeroed with a straight level car.
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