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450 SLC 5.0
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I am considering putting a 5.6 liter engine & 4 speed trans into an earlier chassis (107) and have several questions:

Could someone please tell me what year MBZ went to: 1) The Electrohydraulic type CIS injection versus the ‘regular’ CIS w/ frequency valve? 2) The electronic ignition map system instead of the mechanical advance type?

Is it likely that a fuel distributor from a (euro spec) 5.0 engine (OR even one from a US spec 450 with lambda) will work on a 5.6,(with the proper warm up regulator, of course) or is it imperative to use the EHA type CIS injection? IF I need to use the EHA, is the controller a separate unit that I can wire in, or is it integrated with additional functions other than fuel mixture control?

Much MUCH appreciation for your input
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