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S500coupe Locked Seatbacks

does anyone have an idea as to what is happening here?

i have a low mileage[23k] 1997 version. recently, the front passenger seatback is locked almost all the time. engine running. engine off. however, once in awhile, with the engine off, the seatback will fold forward and the seat will perform as it should. but there is no predicting when. and even when it does, it does not return to the original seat position or to any programmed position.

this problem originally started with the driver's seat, but now the driver's seatback folds virtually all the time. however, after the seat travels forward it does not restore itself to its original or programmed position as it should. when the seatback is raised, the seat does move back, but never to its original position.

also, often, while driving, i will hear thumps coming from underneath the seats. at first, i was surprised at what might be causing these noises. over the last month or so, i have concluded that they are the noises being made by the seatback locking mechanism[s] engaging.

somehow, i think that this problem involves a eprom or a relay. yes? no? or what?

all ears.
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