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Originally Posted by BenjaminLucas View Post
Hello, I have a 1995 C220 with 3 wheels in need of refinishing. Was quoted $175 each locally, but can buy refinished ones online for $114 each at Auto Rim Shop. However, I can't return them without paying for shipping back and 15% restocking fee if I'm not satisfied when they arrive.

Want to make this car looks very good, as close to new as possible, omegle Chatiw Ometv without needlessly spending lots of extra cash - which I can use on more parts.

I'd like to go NOS - but not at $600 per wheel. It just doesn't make sense when the only thing wrong with mine is curb rash from the previous owner.

Sure would appreciate any info/recommendation you can provide. Edit: And if I do buy refinished online, what should I do with my old wheels?
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