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You need to remove the bolts that hold the oil cooler lines in place so you can get to that bolt. You just need to move the lines out of the way, not remove them. The oil cooler lines are held down by hex cap bolts. BUT, there is no room to get a wrench in there. I ended up cutting a one inch straight piece off an allen wrench and using that with a small 7mm or 8mm box wrench to turn those bolts an eighth of a turn a time to get them off. It took me quite some time. My wife had never seen me that pissed off. I was LIVID. Once the lines are free, use a swival with a long extension to get to the bolt. All else fails, you could pull the intake off of the car to get at these bolts, but that is also an involved job. BTDT.

You can still test the compression and leak down as it is right now. It would be a shame to tear it most of the way down and have to do it again for the head. That front cover will have to come off again if the head needs rebuilding.


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