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Thanks for the link. Cool. I saw a car just like this on EBay about a month ago. I was wondering about the 8-hole rims, headlight wipers and leather interior. I think there's a 190E in my future....


Sorry about the key mixup. I had two original keys and gave those to the dealer. Even if I had a third key and kept it by mistake, the new keys look different than the old keys so I couldn't have mixed them up after getting the ignition changed. If you are referring to mixing up the keys when the roadside assistance guy helped me, I only had one key at that time.

I agree about not driving the 190E every day. That's fine, that's what I've got the bimmer for. I'm actually thinking about a 93 400SEL as well instead of the 190E, despite all of the maintenance issues I've read about here.

Thanks gents for your advice!
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