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90 300SE Start / idle problems

The car is a 1990 300SE with 189,000 miles

This past winter the car would not start in the
morning when it was about 15 degrees F or lower out.
Car would turn over but would not start. On 3
occasions I had to add 2-3 bottles of dry gas each
time for it to start. Also recently the engine seems
to start rough in normal weather and idles roughly.
Once the car is going about 10mph it is as smooth as
glass without any hesitation, surging or misfires.
Engine does not smoke at all. Changed out fuel filter
and that did not help. Platinum plugs, wires rotor
and cap were replaced about 60,000 miles ago. New air
filter, EGR valve and O(2) sensor on 11/02,

When my car was in for an alignment at my local MB
dealer, I had them check out the car’s problem. An
initial diagnosis was performed but the technician ran
out of time. Below is what was written on the service

“Performed lambda test, found intermittent
reading-possible control module for cold start
problem, may need fuel distributor and injectors,
possible coil”

what and where is the control module? Is it the engine
What are the symptoms for replacing a fuel
distributor? That is one expensive part!

When should injectors and a coil be replaced?

I figured the coil is fine because there is no problems
at above idle speeds.

Any help is appreciated, I really do not want to put
much more money into this car.
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