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I brought my '93 300 SD back to Mercedes Benz Manhattan, the place I bought it from in '95. The AC evaporator had a sudden massive failure. I added the Tracer dye and it was coming out of the drain. The car would not hold a charge overnight. Had it been a slower leaak I might have tried a Cryoseal treatment ($400). I brought it back To Mercedes Manhattan hopeing they would help me out with this known problem. They had the car for 24 hours. I spoke to the salesman I bought the car from, two service managers, a write-up guy and the customer rep in NJ. NO ONE will admit to a known evaporator problem. The car had 57,000 miles on it at the time (July '02). Sure, the car had been 9 years old at the time and was long out of warranty. Since I do all my own work on the car I had no rapport with them. They wanted $3200.00 to fix the car. I bought a new evaporator and will do the job myself. It seems that Mercedes won't go out of the way to instill good will.

Lockman: I have a '99 S600 with 102,000 miles on it. I bought it on e-Bay in May, '02 with 97,000 mi. for $34,900. It has been virtually troublefree. I just replaced the rear accumulators which I understand last about 100,000 miles. I think that Mercedes worked out all or most of the bugs of the earlier '90's 140 chassis. This is an awesome car, but so is the '93 300 SD!

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