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Originally Posted by lukutu View Post
I really donít know much about cars, but I love classic Mercedes. After a few days of googling, all I have been able to find are warnings that these cars are expensive to maintain and a bad decision. I have not been able to find actual examples of what is considered ďexpensiveĒ, or what the real cost of replacement parts are. I would love to get a 70-90ís MB 460, 500 or 560 SL, but I am not in a place to be shelling out 10k a year to maintain it.

What is it really like to own and maintain a classic Benz?
It may be worthwhile to think in terms of two different expense scenarios:

1) The cost to bring an older (50-30 year old) car up to a "9 or 10" level. This expense is dependent on the condition "as received".

2) The cost to "maintain" at a high level. For a garage queen that is used a few hundred miles a year the maintenance expense will be very low. For a car used as a daily driver @50,000/yr. there will be the usual fluids and tires, until it has accumulated another 200 - 250,000 miles. Then another round of restoration of major items.
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