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IŽll talk to the MB-garage on monday, they have never ever mentioned bad harnesses here. It might be that it is already replaced during the cars first ownership, I have no details of that, only that the car was serviced every 2000 to 3000 km:s the first six years!
If it was a common problem, MB might have just done it without saying it?
Unfortunately the garage has a very "high profile", you are not even allowed to talk to the mechanics. Once they had my car hooked up to the Star diagnose machine, idling for 45 minutes and nothing happened. I tried to tell them the hood has to be closed, but they knew better. When I left I came 200 meters before the car got into limp mode again. What do you say.
With such guys it is easy to get ripped off, if I have no idea myself on what to do..., at least I have got some ideas here that I will propose and listen to what they might answer.
Still nobody that knows anything about that little fan as described above?
It should be a relief if it was so simple...
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