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M D Nugent
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Mark, Kip:

Please - you've avoided my question.

Leave out the conditionals (e.g., "if the car has been well maintained . . .").

Imagine instead that you bought a 4.5 engine from an ad for $400 without being able to inspect it or hear it run from an individual you don't know who told you it had 105,000 miles on it, it ran strong, didn't burn or drip oil, and had no known problems - and that's all true.

Assume you know NOTHING ELSE about the history of the '72 SL it came from - in particular, you have no idea how it was maintained over its 31 year life at the hands of who knows how many previous owners.

You get it home and take the cam covers off - what do you really expect you'll find in this engine - some lobes with scratches and wear, or all cam surfaces looking like new?

No coulda, shoulda, please. Hell, I could have Bill Gates' wealth and Tom Selleck's looks (with a lot of luck, drive, and proper maintenance), but would you expect that I do?


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