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my sunroof works! good for me! The three dollar gold clip that was broken was in stock at a local dealer and it took me maybe ten minutes to finish the job. toughest part of it all was getting the headliner of the sunroof back in, but under the cable guide. I found that I had to put a bit of a bend in the headliner in order to fit it back in. Also pushed back the sunroof manually before trying to hook the clip up to the cable. Then retract the cable an inch or two and pull the sunroof back closed and you should be able to screw the clip into the cross bar, without retracting the cable mine seemed like the cable was an inch too far forward. now I have to clean the grease off my headliner have to be careful with that. But... works like a charm now! which is good now that NE weather might finally warm up.

1985 190e 2.3
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